Now What?! Advocacy, Activism & Alliances in American Architecture since 1968

Architecture, Pedagogy, Exhibition Management

Now What?! tells the vibrant and largely unknown history of architects and designers whose work aligns with and advances the values of the civil rights, feminist, and LGBTQ movements of the last half century. Every story in the exhibition can be read through an intersectional lens to gain a deeper understanding of the motivations and involvement of activist architects and organizers who have been at the forefront of the profession’s participation in social and political movements. This exhibition aims to both document untold stories and inspire a new generation of designers to look at the past, identify new ways forward, and see themselves as agents of change.

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After traveling to 11 cities in three countries since 2018, Now What?! Boston is the final stop for the exhibition, which has been especially designed and expanded to include local history and voices. A special section, Boston Changemakers, provides a closer look at design activism in the Greater Boston area. This activism is explored through the lens of some of its most vocal advocates. The individuals, organizations, and projects shown here make notable commitments to their communities, foster a more equitable and just city, and leverage the skills of architects and designers to make a difference in the built environment.

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Now What?! Boston
Boston Society for Architecture

Now What?! Milwaukee
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Now What?! New York
Pratt University School of Architecture

Now What?! Los Angeles
Woodbury University

Now What?! San Francisco
California College of the Arts

Now What?! Montreal (int’l edition)
McGill University

Now What?! Geneva, NY
Hobart and William Smith

Now What?! Buffalo
University at Buffalo

Now What?! Cornell
Cornell University

Now What?! Stockholm (int’l edition)
Kvinnors Byggforum

Now What?! Atlanta
Kennesaw State University

Project with Point Line Projects and ArchiteXX