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En Pointe Vol. 1: Pittsburgh, is an elegant and fun showcase of twelve creative and innovative individuals whose work shapes the city of Pittsburgh.

En Pointe began as a way to engage our colleagues and mentors in critical conversations and has grown into a collection of interviews spanning disciplines and geographies, with contributors from across the globe. To encourage a dialogue between our city and beyond, half of the subjects we feature are rooted in Western Pennsylvania. It is fitting, then, that our first print issue, En Pointe Vol. 1: Pittsburgh, is a love letter to the city where we are based. In this first print edition, Vol. 1 takes a broad and critical look at Pittsburgh, with its distinctive history and topography, through conversations that showcase a rich and thoughtful arts ecosystem. En Pointe Vol. 1: Pittsburgh features twelve interviews with architects, curators, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs helping to shape the future of the city’s built and cultural landscape.

Interviews featuring: Seth Clark, Mary-Lou Arscott, Kilolo Luckett, Raymund Ryan, Anne Chen, Mitch McEwen, Nina Barbuto, Paul Zelevansky, Gerard Damiani, José Carlos Diaz, Casey Droege, Ingrid Schaffner