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En Pointe is an interview series from Point Line Projects that highlights people, projects, and practices inside and outside of Pittsburgh.

Towards an Equitable Museum: Michelle Millar Fisher on Curating Critical Conversations
Millar Fisher is rethinking the acquisition and narrative of contemporary art, architecture, and design objects in the museum context.  

Ingrid Schaffner: Sparking International Joy at the Carnegie Museum of Art
From film screenings and surprise postcards to in-gallery feasts and art you can take home, the Carnegie International, the second-oldest contemporary art survey in the world, continues to dazzle.

Informal, Modern & Sustainable: A New Look at Postwar Athens with Ioanna Theocharopoulou
It’s fair to say that Ioanna Theocharopoulou is an expert in the polykatoikía, the apartment typology—from poly meaning “many,” and oikos, meaning “house”—that marked the frenzied development of postwar Athens.

En Pointe x Sub_teXXt  [Guest Editorship ]
En Pointe is a series of conversations that emerged from simply wanting to learn more about the people, projects, and practices we admire and collaborate with. We’ve sought out a diverse range of voices, including architects, philanthropists, writers, educators, artists, and designers and have selected from these conversations women whose creative approaches result in impactful projects. These fifteen women have established their own nonprofits (Kilolo Luckett, Victoria Newhouse); conducted celebrated research (Ioanna Theocharopoulou, Fernanda Canales, Daniela Sandler); used art and architecture to build agency (Mitch McEwen, Amanda Williams, Mary Lou Arscott); and told provocative stories through performance and curatorial practice (Ingrid Schaffner, Elizabeth Czartoryski).

Whether within or just outside of architectural discourse, these women lead through their scholarly contributions, creative approaches, and critical questioning of the status quo.

This project is part of Point Line Projects.